Santa Severa Castle


The site is famous since ancient times for the remains of the ancient harbor of Pyrgi, which is believed to have been founded in the 7th century by Pelasgians, who were Greek sailors and merchants. Pyrgi suffered the barbarian waves and only the ruins of the church survived in the town, where it was said that the Saint (Santa Severa) – after who the Castle was named – was buried as victim, in 298 A.C., due to the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian and Maximian. It’s just in that place, according to researchers, that the Augustinians built their convent.
Risen by the Normans as a Castle, around the 11th century it belonged to the Counts of Galeria; then it was donated to the Abbey of Farfa and then to the Abbey of Saint Paul. Pope Sixtus IV assigned him to the Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital in 1465. After being redeemed by the Santo Spirito, it remained in his possession for over 500 years up to our time, then it was assigned to Regione Lazio.

Planned works

  • Structural interventions on Castle spaces: € 365,000.00
    renovation of drywalls and parapets – replacement of wood beams and bridges for access to the Saracena Tower – structural intervention to arch bridge – remaking and tiling of shingles – interior and exterior plastering
    (Start of works is scheduled for April 2017)
  • Extraordinary Maintenance of Castles Space: € 300,000.00
    Cleaning of internal courtyards – safety and fire system compliance with legal standards – setup of lighting system
    (Start of works is scheduled for December 2017)

Events reserved to the Donors

Gala dinner in the courtyard or toast under the stars  (date to be defined).