“Ex GIL” building


“Ex GIL – Casa della Gioventù Italiana del Littorio di Trastevere”, a work by Luigi Moretti, was designed in 1933 and inaugurated in 1937. The building was aimed to offer locations and equipment for education as well as political, military and sport preparation, health and social care for the youth.

The building represents an important period in Moretti’s architectural production, not only for the professional affirmation of the young architect, but especially because it has been a “house” model for that specific object to join young people and let them socialize.

The architectural planning includes spaces intended for several functions, in which the geometric order does not exclude the introduction of the curved line, for example in the spectacular winding of the monumental helicoid staircase of connection between the sanitary area and the gymnasium.

In 1975, with the abolition of the “Ente Gioventù Italiano” – established in 1937 – the property of the institution was transferred to Regions and Municipalities.

Planned works

  • Safety work on stairwells and exits towards Largo Ascianghi
  • Elimination of architectural barriers
  • New setup of the former gym for performance and museum activities
  • Cleaning and refurbishment of the frieze in the main hall
  • Preparation of the catering area in the territory of Arengario
  • Installation of air conditioned and areas, power and lighting in the hall for exhibitions
  • Installation of air pumps in the “Galleria d’Onore” hall

Events reserved to the Donors

Exclusive access to the construction yard and a special visit (date to be defined).