Caetani Palace – Fondi


There was a Palatium with Roffredo Caetani already in 1299, but the noble residence had been revealed under Onorato I Caetani, since he hosted there the conclave of Clement VII in 1378. The 15th century was a period of great splendor for the Caetani Family and its Palace, when Fondi became the political and administrative center of a major complex of feuds. It was at the age of Count Onorato II that the dwelling had been embellished with late Gothic windows and the portals in Renaissance style. Thanks to him there was also the building of the chapel and the installation of the chimneys in the rooms with the new coat emblem of Gaetani d’Aragona.

After the 15th century growth, with the departure of the Counts from Fondi, a period of constant decline began, interrupted by the short period (1526-1535) in which Countess Giulia Gonzaga made it her residence. In addition to the decline, a blaze on December 24th 1798 – on the occasion of the invasion of French troops into the city – was traumatic too.

The monumental complex has been purchased by Regione Lazio, which has taken care of the recuperation of its environments and the restoration of frescos fragments found in the halls.

Planned works

  • Roof placement: 242.000,00
    Roofing and waterproofing – cleaning and restoration of attic spaces (or rooms) – strengthening  – painting of the facades – roof cover implementation and guttering.
    (Start of works is scheduled for December 2017)

Events reserved to the Donors

Gala dinner in the courtyard or toast under the stars (date to be defined)