The project

Historical and artistic Heritage is the most recognizable and esteemed trait of Italy in the entire world. There is almost no village, town or country without its own expression of art and history. This led Italy to be the nation with the largest number of pieces of heritage listed by UNESCO in the world heritage list.

The restoration of a Palace or the reopening of a Villa not only means to give back beauty and history to a place, but also to instill confidence to a community, to reactivate a virtuous circle for cultural and touristic spin-offs, to bring a sense of efficiency and fruiting use of public resources, to stimulate employment and to develop planning and collaboration between the public and the private sectors.

Regione Lazio, through the ART BONUS – REGIONE LAZIO Campaign, aims to take care of its Heritage and to actively participate in the preservation and promotion of the historical, artistic and cultural assets of its territory,. We will be delighted to offer the best assistance to non-Italian citizens, who intend to support Regione Lazio in the protection of its historical-artistic Heritage and the preservation of Italy’s beauty.