Do you want to work in the agricultural sector?

You can look for work while having your worker rights protected. How?

  • download the “FairLabor” App for free on Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS)
  • register on the app, indicating your skills
  • choose the job offerings that best match your skills
  • you may be contacted by an agricultural company

If you’re not able to download the “FairLabor” App, go to the nearest Employment Center (Centro per l’impiego) and ask to be registered on the hiring lists for agricultural work.


Are you registered on the “FairLabor” app or on the hiring lists for agricultural work, and do you have a job contract?

The Region of Lazio, in collaboration with Cotral bus service and the cities of the Region, will allow you to ride for free to go to work.

Stop by an Employment Center and ask for the “Stop Illegal Hiring” Personal Bus Pass (Tessera Personale di libera circolazione “Stop al Caporalato”).

The pass is valid on Cotral buses and on “S.a.C. 2019” local public buses managed by the towns of Maenza, Roccagorga, Sezze, Latina, Pontinia, Sabaudia and Terracina.

The pass is valid until 31 December 2019 and can only be used in the province of Latina. It must be presented together with an ID and a copy of the job contract. The pass is personal and cannot be used by other persons.

Find the nearest Employment Center (CPI)

CPI Cisterna di Latina
via Giovanni Falcone, 4 – tel. 06.9699046
mail cpicisterna@regione.lazio.it

CPI Fondi
piazza della Repubblica, 4/5 – tel. 0771.504780
mail cpifondi@regione.lazio.it

CPI Formia
ia Spaventola SNC – tel. 0771.771116
mail cpiformia@regione.lazio.it

CPI Latina
via Pierluigi da Palestrina –  tel. 0773.620454
mail cpilatina@regione.lazio.it

CPI Sezze
piazza della Repubblica, 1 – tel. 0773.874365
mail cpisezze@regione.lazio.it

For all information, see the website:


For any questions, write to:


or phone the Region at